Amethyst Princedoms

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The Amethyst Princedoms are part of the Prime Innerlands, found to the north of Stygxx and Charnelcourt, of the Realm of Shyish[1][3a]


Age of Myth

They once had an empire that stretched across the Mortal Realms using their well-defended Penultima Realmgate Network.[2] The Princedoms thrived and prospered in large part thanks to the precious minerals found all throughout them and the benevolent reign of the ven Denst Dynasty, who ruled as kings over all the Amethyst Princedoms.[3a]

Age of Chaos

Plaguefleets of Nurgle emerge from oceanic Realmgates, Sea Maw, Black Nihil, and Greedmouth[4a]. In less than a month the daemonic forces from them establish invasive beachheads in Ossia, Athansia, the Amethyst Princedoms, and Stygxx.[3a]

The Princedoms manage to hold out against the hordes of Chaos, in large part due to their wealth and infrastructure, up until the Battle of Burning Skies. Many of the Princes chose to answer Sigmar's call to war and lead their forces to join the battle, they fight bravely and valiantly but in the end most are slain after Sigmar's forces are broken.[3a]

Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar's Tempest breaks across the Mortal Realms, the forces of many Stormhosts are sent to aid the northern lands of the Prime Innerlands. For the first time in centuries the Mortals and Ghosts of Stygxx, the Amethyst Princedoms, and Hallost feel hope rekindle in their spirits.[3a]

They are one of the few cultures that managed to survive the Age of Chaos relatively intact, though they have become greatly diminished.[2]