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Aximahotl is a temple-ship whose master is Lord Xuatamos, a Slann Starmaster[1]

A vast vessel that travels the void.[1]


In the Time of Tribulations, Maq'uat discovered his master was close to death and took matters into his own hands, persuading Narok-Gar to allow him to generate new spawning’s and unleash them on the Realm of Shyish[1]



  • The Spawning Chambers: A great lake with placid and shimmering dark waters whilst in the walls are great golden wheels, inscribed with hieroglyphs and sacred wards, it has no ceiling being open to the heavens so that blessed starlight cab ripple across the gestation pool. On all sides, helmed guards stand vigilant.[1]
  • The Stellarium: Also known as the Star Chamber, it is a whirring mass of concentric stone circles which occupies a chamber as large as a city square which in turn is orbited by glowing spheres and cascades of vibrant colour. It depicts the surrounding aetheric void in immense detail.[1]
  • The World Chamber: A great expanse of jungle, criss-crossed by glittering river deltas. [1]


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