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Khaphtar is a Enclave of the Idoneth Deepkin. In the Time of Tribulations it was ruled by a council in the name of the late King Nemosene II.[1]

Caution, secrecy and survival are their watchwords. [1]


They had spent much of their existence hiding in the Khaphtar Sea, concealed with ancient wards protecting them from notice by the living and the dead. They did not raid the living but rather took the souls they needed from the drowned. In particular they were careful to avoid notice by Nagash and his agents.[1]

Then in the Time of Tribulations, their ocean began to be swallowed by a maw in its depths - they called upon all their magic's and resources to stop the process, first securing the protective dome that surrounded the city. However as the ocean fell, so the dead massed and assaulted the enclave, they fought on but understood that they could not stand alone and sent a plea for alliance to King Glorian of Laebrea. [1]

Despite the timely intervention of their cousins of Laebrea, the death toll suffered by the enclave was catastrophic and not all of the survivors were whisked away to the safety of Laebrea Basin. Some of those who were out on soul-raids at the time, did not make it back to join their fleeing people. [2a] At least one of these pockets of survivors attempted to make for another nearby enclave, the Mor'phann. [2a]


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