Prime Innerlands

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A map of the Prime Innerlands

The Prime Innerlands is one of the larger regions of the Realm of Shyish containing multiple continents and oceans.




In the Age of Myth, mortals in this land would only live a set span of time before going to their appointed death - they would then be reborn with the rising sun.[1a]



Once a valhalla like underworld, it was invaded by the forces of Khorne in the Age of Chaos and it is now inhabited by creatures of Chaos and the spirits of the heroes who hunt them. [1b]



The powerful vampire dynasty that rules here has repeatedly driven off the hordes of Khorne.[5]


The personal kingdom of Neferata in the Realm of Shyish, carefully shaped by its queen to resemble her original home [2a] and populated by the spirits from the World-that-Was.[3]

  • The Cremation Plain: A brutal landscape composed of the remains of millions upon millions of beings [4a]
  • Morbhend An ancient city that lies to the north-west of Nulahmia.[4c]
  • Nulahmia is the capital city, designed by its queen, who calling up ancient memories to recreate its architecture and style.[3]
  • The Tombhills: A vast array of burial mounds.[4b]
  • Necrotic Peaks[1a]
  • The Chained Lakes[1a]


In the Age of Myth, a place of peace where the undead and the living live in harmony, in the Age of Chaos a battered dark land and in the Age of Sigmar, Nighthaunts battle Chaos as the underworld slips down the Shyish nadir.[1b]


In the Age of Myth one of the richest and most prosperous parts of the realm.[1b]


The Land of Forgotten Gods [22] to which Nagash and his Mortarchs retreated following their defeat by Chaos. [1b]

Bodies of Water

Draining Tides

The southern ocean located between the Screaming Wastes, Penultima and Ossia with The Sea Maw and the Dwindlesea to it's north.[1a]


A sea located between Stygxx, the Screaming Wastes and the Charnelcourt with The Sea Maw and the Draining Tides to it's south.[1a]


A sea that can be found on the south coasts of the Amethyst Princedoms, north of Stygxx, northwest of the Charnelcourt and east of Athanasia.[1a]

Nihilus Reach

A sea located between Hallost, Necros and Lyria, with the Black Nihil at its center.[1a]

Ocean of Mergheists

Found to the west of Athanasia and north of Kraniad Isle.

Sea of Best Hauls

Found between Hallost, Charnelcourt and the Amethyst Princedoms.[1a]

Sea of Drowned Sorrows

A minor sea located between Athanasia, Neferatia, Stygxx and the continent that houses Carstinia.[1a]

Sea of Fading Hope

A sea located between Penultima, Hallost, Charnelcourt, Necros and Ossia.[1a]

Unnamed Landmasses and Seas