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Penultima is a continent in the Prime Innerlands of the Realm of Shyish.


Age of Myth

In the Age of Myth the Realmgate network here was used by the Amethyst Princes to establish trade with the Realm of Beasts, importing livestock and salted meat.[4]

The continent becomes one of the most prosperous parts of the realm with many great and powerful nations and cities - One the greatest is Shadespire ruled by the Katophranes. Like Nagash himself they seek to exploit the power in the realmstone of Shyish, bur their goal is to cheat death and although they grow rich on the sale of magical artefacts they soon earn the wrath of the god of death.[4]


There are a number of trade ports along the continent's coasts where it meets the Sea of Fading Hope, these are part of a regional trade network where typically low-hulled flat-bottomed vessels carry light cargo to and from each other and their counterparts in Skelt, Hallost, and Morthaven.[5a]


  • The Banelands[1]
  • Buried Sea[1]
  • Desert of Bones[1a][1]
  • Gloomtribe Haunts [2]
  • Hangman's Wood: A forest whose trees each display a hanged corpse. [1]
  • Ruins of Shadespire: Once a grand city, founded in the Age of Myth as a waypoint for travellers crossing the Desert of Bones - it was cursed by Nagash when its inhabitants discovered they could use shadeglass to live on beyond death. The dust-blown remnants of the city in the realm still attract refuges, adventurers and treasure seekers but the unwary can be transported to the cursed city itself that hangs in the void between the Realm of Ulgu and the Realm of Hysh[3][1]