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The various nations of the Charnelcourt.

The Charnelcourt is a continent in the Prime Innerlands of the Realm of Shyish. Its believed that this is where Ushoran once ruled and held court back when it was known as the lands of Summercourt.[3a]


In the Age of Myth, Ushoran was one of the foremost of Nagash's vampiric servants. Radiating an air of regality, he convinced many lands into worshipping Nagash, the Undying King. During that time, Ushoran held court and ruled over Summercourt from his fortress of Summerkeep.[3a]

These times are long gone. Just like Ushoran fell, so did his lands. Now, Charnelcourt is a dark land of corpse-chocked valleys, with its squabbling kingdoms ruled over by Abhorrant lords from their crumbling keeps.[3a]

Even the relics of these ages long gone have become warped and infected. Paintings and tapestry once showing the glory of the lands and its rulers now suffers from the same insanity as the Flesh-Eater Courts themselves.[3a]


Flesh-Eater Kingdoms

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