Neferata: Mortarch of Blood (novel)

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Neferata: Mortarch of Blood
Neferata Mortarch of Blood Cover.jpg
Author(s) David Annandale
Cover Artist Kevin Chin
Released 2018
ISBN 978-1-78030-977-4
Followed by The Dance of the Skulls (short story)

Neferata: Mortarch of Blood is a novel by David Annandale which portrays the struggle for the city of Nulahmia beginning in the Age of Myth and concluding in the Age of Sigmar.

Cover Description

The Realm of Death convulses with the ravages of war, but Neferata continues to rule the city of Nulahmia with an iron will. Through guile and terror, she has destroyed all who would take her crown. But when a threat rises whose repercussions will stretch across the ages, Neferata must commit herself to a centuries-long battle and retain what is hers, no matter the cost.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Neferata: Mortarch of Blood (novel)

The story begins in the Age of Myth where the mortal noble families are preparing for The Culling of the Firstborn where their heirs will pass the test and/or be slaughtered or turned into vampires and feed on and rend their own kin.

Following this the tale moves to the period following the siege of Nulahmia by the Champion of Slaanesh Lascilion and Neferata's failed attempt to ally with the Stormcast Eternals of Sigmar - for this she is punished by Nagash who allows her rival Mortarch, Arkhan to rule part of her beloved city.

Now the Queen of Shadows must fight to control the city she created, even if in doing so she must destroy it.


You were right,’ she said, ‘to fear for your lives. But take this lesson into your hearts. You never had a choice. There was nothing you could have done to alter your fates. I command, and you obey. This is the plain truth of existence. The purpose of your lives has been revealed, and it is to serve the end you will, this coming night.



The book has large cast of mortals and immortals enmeshed in a spider’s web of plots and betrayal.

Primary Characters:

Limited Edition

The Book was originally released in a Limited Edition