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Stygxx, also known as The Land of Forgotten Gods, is a mountainous underworld of the Realm of Shyish. By the Age of Sigmar the landmass boasts ruins from over a thousand lost cultures that have risen and fallen over the millennia.[1][5a][8a]


Age of Myth

Under the watchful gaze of Sigmar much of the Prime Innerlands are settled by mortal folk. The greatest of these lands are the Amethyst Princedoms, Hallost, Athanasia, and Stygxx. During this era gods and mortals in Stygxx were known to freely interbreed with one another.[5a]

Age of Chaos

It was here that the Mortarchs took Nagash's body after he was slain in the Battle of the Black Skies. When the forces of Chaos tried to besiege it through the Starless Gates, they were all slaughtered by Nagash's return and his undead forces, an event that would be known as the Slaughter at the Starless Gates.[2]

Age of Sigmar

By the time of the Arcanum Optimar the people of Stygxx had suffered through the Black Bile Plague, the Season of Witches and several border wars against the Deadwalkers of Pater Blackteeth.[3]


Nations and Settlements