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Hallost is the Land of Dead Heroes in the Prime Innerlands of the Realm of Shyish

Once a valhalla like underworld, it was invaded by the forces of Khorne in the Age of Chaos and it is now inhabited by creatures of Chaos and the spirits of the heroes who hunt them. [1] The blood of the vast number of heroes that have died here means that the land resonates with their energies - the living consulting long dead champions on tactics whilst wizards siphon the power of the dead for their own dark magic. [5a]


In the Age of Myth those who wish an eternity of unending war are reborn here , finding a new challenge each day fighting the monsters of Modrhaven. Nagash never conquers the underworld, its people seeing his forces and generals as just another enemy in their war.[3b]

The underworld is invaded by vast hordes of Khorne in the Age of Chaos, the blood god rejoicing in a land of eternal battle. Dreadforts arise across the lands as daemons and arisen heroes constantly clash.[3b] Ever increasing numbers of chaos warriors were lured to these hunting grounds and met their end in the unforgiving terrain but as the battles grew in size and power so it began to resonate through the Beastmaw. A mighty Waaaagh! surged through into the scar, slaughtering living and dead alike and pouring out into the rest of Hallost, this only drew more of the warriors and daemons of Khorne to the continent. [5a]

As the war goes on, Sigmar draws off many heroic souls for his own Stormcast Eternal legions, weakening the people of Hallost at a critical time but those that remain fight on.[3b]

When the Anvils of the Heldenhammer and the Hallowed Knights arrive in the Age of Sigmar, they are welcomed at first as liberators and allies against Chaos. However at a great victory feast, the fact that many of the Anvils were torn away from their land at its moment of need is discovered and a number of tribes swear revenge on Sigmar the Betrayer.[3b]

Like Ossia, following the Necroquake Hallost begins to drift down the Shyish Nadir. [3b] Despite the peril, more and more armies of the living and dead are drawn here, seeking to stake their claim on it including the forces of Nagash - most recently the Ossiarch Bonereapers have been marching in force to harvest the bones and they are joined now by ancient vampires, skeletal lords and gheists. Dakkbad Grotkicker himself has come to Hallost with a great army even as Champions of Order appeal to long dead heroes and call upon ancient pacts as they seek to ease the aftershock of the necroquake. [5a]

During the Soul Wars the underworld is invaded by a Khornate army consisting of Bloodbound of the Skullfiend tribe and Daemons of Khorne from the Blood Legion known as the Reapers of Vengeance. The Khornate forces were nearly buried in waves of malignants but fought their way free to achieve the greatest of Khorne’s military successes during the Soul Wars.[4a][4b]

In the War of Light and Death, the Lumineth use a secret, long-sealed realmgate in the Magthar Mountains to enter Shyish undetected and then move across the Nihilat Reach to strike at the Triptych in Praetoris.[9a]


There are a number of trade ports along the continent's coasts where it meets the Sea of Fading Hope, these are part of a regional trade network where typically low-hulled flat-bottomed vessels carry light cargo to and from each other and their counterparts in Skelt, Penultima, and Morthaven.[7a]