Soulbound: Blood Tide

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Soulbound Blood Tide
Soulbound Blood Tide cover.jpg
Author(s) Jacob Rodgers
Editor(s) Christopher Walz
Cover Artist JG O'Donohue
Released 2020
Pages 38
Followed by Soulbound: Rotten to the Core

Soulbound Blood Tide is the first of six adventures in the Shadows in the Mist campaign for the Age of Sigmar Roleplay system.


  • Blood Tide
  • Adventure Summary
  • Part 1: Commissioned by the Conclave
  • Part 2: The Harbour of Anvilgard
  • Part 3: The Burning Ocean
  • Part 4: The Dead can Sail
  • Part 5: The Wreck.
  • Part 6: Land Ahoy.
  • Aftermath
  • Appendix A: Ship to Ship Combat
  • Appendix B: Allies and Enemies


You have arrived in Anvilgard, a heavily-fortified port city on the Charrwind Coast. The lands around the city teem with aggressive life, and tall dragon-headed towers belch forth a grey-green mist that kills the plants and leaves the city constantly shrouded in mist. Lord-Castellant Ephrem Vanhelm of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer, the Stormhost that occupies the city, has instructed you to investigate the corruption and evils present in the city, and to judge if the people are worth saving. If not, the Stormcast Eternals will act, and they will be neither subtle nor forgiving.

~ Introduction.