Charrwind Coast

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The Charrwind Coast is the coast of the Searing Sea between the Cupricon Range and the Leaping Tongues archipelago.[1a]


The region is hilly and humid, characterized by tropical jungles and volcanic rocks.[2a][3a]


There are numerous ruins throughout the region, both ancient and modern, which attracts all manner of treasure-hunters and explorers.[3b] Others, such as the hunters of the Scourge Privateers and the Order Serpentis, hunt the many beasts that make their lairs in the hills and jungles.[2a]

Anvilgard was the greatest port on the Charrwind Coast, and many lesser settlements acted as way-stations for traders and fishermen plying the Searing Sea on a journey to or from the Free City.[2a][3b] The volume of trade has decreased since the Fall of Anvilgard, but the rechristened Har Kuron is still the dominant trading power in the region.[2b]



  • Har Kuron, though much smaller than Anvilgard was, is still the largest settlement in the region. The city's new Khainite masters have been diligent in expanding their domain along the coast, and there are now a number of smaller Khainite settlements around the city. However, the guerrillas of "Free Anvilgard" have numerous camps in the hills, hoping to retake the city, and minor clashes are frequent.[2b][4a]