Path to Glory (2015)

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Path to Glory (2015)
Path to Glory 2015 cover.jpg
Released December 2015
Followed by Path to Glory (2017)

Path to Glory (2015) is a campaign supplement for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar released after the end of Warhammer Digital Advent Calendar 2015, which featured a series of mini-expansions and short stories called Call of Chaos. The entire series of mini-expansions was collected in a single only-digital book. Path to Glory started as a supplement available only to Grand Alliance Chaos warbands, but General's Handbook 2016 expanded it providing rules for warbands of other Grand Alliances. In 2017, Games Workshop released a new version of Path to Glory, this time both digital and printed.


Chaos is ascendant across the Mortal Realms. Though Sigmar's Stormcast Eternals battle valiantly to lift the taint of the Dark Gods, their pervasive touch corrupts all. Across the realms, servants of Chaos battle amongst themselves for power, glory, followers and the right to lead their armies against the celestial invaders.


This eBook contains the complete Warhammer Age of Sigmar Path to Glory expansion, giving you rules for generating Chaos warbands and battling other such warbands for the favour of the Dark Gods. It includes rules for choosing your warband, Battleplans to use on the tabletop, Time of War rules for fighting over areas of the Mortal Realms dedicated to each of the Chaos Gods, and painting guides.

All the following contents were previously released during December 2015 as standalone eBooks:


Time of War

Painting Guide

Warband Rules

  • Path to Glory