Warhammer Horror: Maledictions

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Warhammer Horror: Maledictions
Warhammer Horror Maledictions cover.jpg
Author(s) Various
Released 2019
Pages 343
ISBN 978-1-78496-881-6

Warhammer Horror: Maledictions is an anthology of short stories from across the various universes of Warhammer. It was published in 2019 by Black Library in the Warhammer Horror publishing imprint.


Two brothers in the Adeptus Mechanicum seek the ancient ship Nepenthe who has been calling to them for many years.

In the Realm of Shyish, a woman searches the shore for the body of her husband lost at sea, fearing that without it they will never be reunited in death in their underworld, but what she finds is not her husband.

Children from a discredited Schola discover a huge man near death - should they help him or leave him to die and if the former what will be the consequences.

The Sylvaneth of a Winterleaf Glade Wargrove fight to survive against the forces of Chaos aided by Outcasts, but will the madness of their allies be more of a threat?

All those remaining of the Nagashiro bloodline gather at the castle of Baron Eiji Nagashiro to face an ancient curse, but what is the true story behind the legend?

Imperial Guard fighting the ork hordes in the dense jungles of Vardan IV are stalked by a vicious predator.

Disgraced Imperial Commissar Dominic Seroff faces a terrifying plague on the toxic world of Eremus.

The dreams of Governor Tobias Grail become waking nightmares - but what is the true story of his miraculous survival against the Orks?

Beneath Greywater Fastness, a party of Underjacks investigate the growing numbers of missing people.

For so long the brutalised captive of a drukhari Archon, Interrogator Monika tries to recover, but is St. Solangia's really a safe refuge.

In a hidden valley, orphan children grow up knowing they can never leave or risk dooming all within, but some will not listen to the warnings.

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