Soulbound: Artefacts of Power

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Soulbound: Artefacts of Power
Soulbound Artefacts of Power cover.jpg
Author(s) Emmet Byrne, Michael Duxbury, Jordan Goldfarb, Elaine Lithgow, Martin Lloyd, Sarah Madsen, Dave Rudden, and KC Shi
Editor(s) Christopher Walz
Cover Artist Siman Vlaisavljević
Released 2021
Pages 114

Soulbound: Artefacts of Power is a supplement for Age of Sigmar Roleplay.


Realmgates crackle with eldritch energy, incredible artefacts of untold power alter the fates of thousands, and great warriors wielding realmstone-infused arms hunt Endless Spells that strike terror wherever they roam. The Mortal Realms are full of incredible artefacts of power, will you claim them for yourselves?


  • Detailed information about realmstone — crystallised magic energy that can be used to craft powerful weapons, armour, and more.
  • A vast selection of magical weapons, armour, and artefacts, along with methods of randomly generating your own — with thousands of possible combinations!
  • A collection of Ancient Relics — artefacts so powerful they can change the fate of the realms. Each of which comes with their own thrilling adventure.
  • Detailed information on the mysterious distance spanning Realmgates, including ways to create and add them to your games.
  • Rules, player options, and statblocks for hunting Endless Spells — some of the most deadly creatures in the Mortal Realms.