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Admiral Zunggt of Barak-Zilfin is a prestigious Admiral whose looting of the Silent Fortress of Aggharen earned him enough power and prestige to be elevated to Barak-Zilfin's Admirals Council.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

The Necroquake revealed the location of many ancient Stormvaults hidden and scattered across the Mortal Realms by the God-King. The Kharadron, believing that the laws of salvage give any who uncover these Stormvaults the right to loot them. This drive to discover and claim the contents of Stormvaults for their own was only spurred to greater heights when Admiral Zunggt of Barak-Zilfin returned from the [[Silent Fortress of Aggharen.[1a]

He returned with a fleet of Arkanaut Ironclads whose holds were laden with aether-gold and other esoteric treasures. The haul was so great that it earned the Kharadron a seat on Barak-Zilfin's Admirals Council, the ruling body of the Sky-port. Also included in the haul was a amulet of viridian, which Zunggt keeps on his person at all times.[1a]

Yet the Admiral has since become withdrawn and is rarely seen, often secluding himself in his own chambers. His own crew whisper that strange sounds and cruel laughter now emanate from their Admiral's chambers.[1a]


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