Ziony Merrebae

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Ziony Merebae is a scholar, wizard, and historian of the Collegiate Arcane who has penned a number of books on the history of the Mortal Realms.[1a]

Known Works

  • The Age of Death: A book detailing the events of the era that came to be known as the Arcanum Optimar and the Necroquake which caused it.[1b]
  • The Gates Open: A Return to the Mortal Realms: Is a book written by Ziony Merebae that explores the culture and history of the Realms beyond Azyr, written after the re-opening of the Gates of Sigmar.[1a][1b]
  • Written in Blood: A Speculative Thesis on the Age of Chaos: As the title suggests this is a a speculative thesis on the Age of Chaos.[1b]

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