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The religious leaders of the Fyreslayers' faith are the Zharrgrim Priesthood, battle-priests and forge workers who lead their kin in the worship of Grimnir. Their duties are far more expansive than that however, it is the Zharrgrim who forge the Ur-Gold runes and who tend the sacred Zharrkhul. Maintaining this eternal flame is considered their most important duty, for it contains a spark of Grimnir's essence and runes forged in it are far more powerful than those cast in any ordinary fire.[1a][1b][1c]


The first priests of Grimnir were smiths who forged the weapons of war by binding the fury of fire and raging battle spirit into blades using their knowledge of forging and metals. It was these first priests who first recognised the fire that had awoken in their forges, the Zharrkhul held a part of Grimnir's power. It was also them who later discovered the true nature of Ur-Gold, as the essence of Grimnir and Vulcatrix mingled together. Many years of experimentation followed as they worked to understand the nature and use of Ur-Gold, until they slowly evolved into an order recognizable as the Zharrgrim of the Age of Sigmar.[1c][2a]


Not every Fyreslayer is capable of becoming a member of the priesthood. Any aspirant must have certain qualities, and tests are used to ensure that prospective Zharrgrim can fulfill their sacred duties. The most famous of these tests is the Gilded Test that determines if the aspirant has the necessary skill to reliably distinguish between ur-gold and its mundane counterpart.[3a] However, any Fyreslayer can attempt to join the priesthood, for the Zharrgrim is not restricted to certain family lines like some other Fyreslayer callings.[2a]


The priests of the Zharrgrim are chosen for their innate connection to Grimnir. Through this connection, they are able to sense Ur-Gold with far more accuracy and at a far greater distance. The greatest Runemasters are able to sense it even from across the realms. They are also able to draw on the power Vulcatrix to manipulate fire and magma, calling up lava flows, commanding rock to turn molten and flow aside before them, and even causing volcanoes to erupt.[1c]

The elemental abilities of the priesthood has been further empowered by the magic of the Necroquake. They have gained the ability to summon more powerful elemental manifestations known as Magmic Invocations through their war-chants. Furthermore, while the appearance of a Magmic Battleforges had long been seen as rare and spontaneous occurrence, the Zharrgrim have now proven able to summon these manifestations, calling them up to burst from the rock and mantle of the realm.[1b][1c]


As the priesthood of the Fyreslayers, the Zharrgrim perform and oversee many rites and rituals such as the Grundtogg. This is when a Fyreslayer has Ur-Gold Runes hammered into their skin, and as such is incredibly important. Similarly, the Test of Wrath is performed by hammering runes into a Fyreslayers skin, however it is only performed on a prospective Grimwrath Berzerker and far more runes are applied than would usually be considered safe. This often results in the warrior being driven mad or being consumed by fire, however if they survive they bear more of Grimnir's power than any of their kin. Though it is not performed by the Zharrgrim, the swearing of the Barazakdum or Doom-Oath is traditionally witnessed by a member of the priesthood.[2a][2b]

Other Religious Beliefs

In addition to serving as the priesthood to Grimnir, the Zharrgrim also venerate a figure known as Brokkfoor, an entity deeply connected with the fires of the Magmaholds and by extension the Zharrkhul. Though each Lodge has wildly different interpretations of who or what Brokkfoor is.[2a]


There are thirteen ranks in the priesthood but only five are known. These are:

  • Runemaster: Head of the priesthood, responsible for rune forging.[1c]
  • Runesmiter: Warrior priests whose duty it is to awaken the power of Ur-Gold runes in battle.[1c]
  • Drothnim: The beastmasters of the Fyreslayers who hatch and raise infant Magmadroths.[2a]
  • Voldrini: Miners and tunnellers who create and expand the magmahold, carving new paths through the volcano.[2a]
  • Klinkin: Forge workers who stoke the blast furnaces and tend the Zharrkhul.[1c]