Zephyr Spears

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The Zephyr Spears were the First of the twelve Freeguild regiments of the Free City of Arbitrium.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

The Zephyr Spears were formed by Etred Ridark, the first Landgrave of Arbitrium. These regiment was recruited from the thrall hosts that once served the Elder Counts, who Etred Ridark helped Stormcast of the Azyrite Arbiters Stormhost depose.[1a]

Generations later during the reign of Oten Ridark, the Zephyr Spears were still considered amongst one of the most honored regiments in the city of Arbitrium.[1a]


Traditionally this regiment wielded short spears, for which they are named, and shields in combat. But that was before the Free City of Arbitrium was vassalized by the Empire of Ossia and forced to pay the Bone Tithe. As the tithe levied on the city came in the form of a single hand per citizen, the regiment has not been able to use their traditional weapons since the late reign of Etred Ridark.[1a]


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