Zarshia Bittersoul

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Zarshia Bittersoul miniature.

Zarshia Bittersoul is a Chaos Sorceress and the former leader of the Khagra's Ravagers warband. She is the sister of Khagra.[1a][2]


She led her warband into the Beastgrave as part of their personal path to glory. Their goal was to corrupt the mountain to the service of Chaos by desecrating all the chambers with dark sorcery and brutal sacrifices. Within these chambers they found themselves trapped by a gnashing chamber where their doom would be certain had not Khagra, Zarshia's sister, wedged the shield between the floor and the descending ceiling and carved her way out of the rocky gullet. Since then the other two Warriors, Cragan and Razek follow Khagra as their leader, while Zarshia plans to overturn her upstart sibling. [1a][2]


She is a sorceress capable of casting Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Spite-tongue Curse.[2][3]


She is armed with a Sorcerer Staff.[2][3]



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