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Zarkland Zenthe is a Aelf Fleetmaster of the Scourge Privateers, once the commander of the Black Ark Eternity of Torment {Fn|1}}

A member of the Twilight Cabal, he seeks to establish a new Scourge empire in the Mortal Realms. [1]


Although he retains his piercing silver eyes, his face has become sallow, stretched with purple-black veins on his neck and reaching up to his temples. Once fine black hair is now white and lifeless.[1a]


He was a scourge on many kingdoms, slaughtering their people and selling those who remained into slavery. Then he came to the city of Ghavorka in the Realm of Shyish, offering to protect them from vampires but once they had opened the gates he betrayed them, hanging and flaying the city elders alive.[1c]

In revenge they laid a curse upon him that he would suffer endless pain as his body rotted, only able to stave off the effects by devouring the hearts of his own kin. He killed and ate the hearts of his wife and all his sons, only his daughter Arika remaining alive.[1c]

He enlisted, by capturing and poisoning her the aid of his daughter to help capture the port city of Izalend. Hoping to use it as a base of a new Scourge corsair empire. However she foiled his plans and destroyed his flagship, the Eternity of Torment although he managed to escape its destruction. [1]


You know well enough how the war against the Dark Gods goes. The wolves are slavering at the door, and the Azyrites can barely muster enough forces to hold on to their petty gains. Izalend will fall. We shall have our stronghold in the north, and fleetmasters from every corner of the realms will flock to our banners. This fortress is not the only black ark that stalks the realmseas, Arika.



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