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Yuhdak of the Ninefold Path is the last prince of the City of Tiers is a powerful sorcerer in the service of Tzeentch. [1]


He wears multi-coloured robes and armour crafted from iridescent glass, each facet a different hue whilst his war-mask is carved from crystal and mimics a daemon’s leering face. The mask is open at the back which allows his long thick hair freedom to spill across his shoulders. [1a]

At his side he carries a curved blade in a richly ornamented scabbard whilst runic cards hang from his belt, encased in silver, as well as sands in a sigil-sewn pouch and rune-marked bones in a square case. [1a]


As befitted a prince, in his youth he was taught the arts of the sword early, but magic is his weapon of choice. [1a]

In the Age of Sigmar he was dispatched by Archaon, the Grand Marshal of Chaos to seek out the lost Eight Lamentations and in discovered that one, Marrowcutter was hidden in the Howling Labyrinth but witnessed its loss in the final moments of the labyrinth’s destruction. [1a]

Subsequently he enlisted the Daughter of the King of All Ravens and her cabal - The Ninety-Nine Feathers in the search for another Lamentation, the Spear of Shadows. [1a] He clashed with the agents of the Duardin god Grungni in the process and although he performed such feats as directing the Great King, a giant Megalofin [1a][1b] he was unable to defeat them and barely escaped with his life. [1d]

He and the Daughter became quite friendly and although the quest ended for him without the spear, she gifted him with the eye of Nyoka Su'al'gohl as well as the Warlock Engineer Quell as a token beyond her obligations - A gift, from servant to kindly master. One of several.[1d]


Fate is a jester, That I should find you here can be nothing else, save an expression of cosmic humour – a jape, a merriment, an infinite jest, composed by the mind of a god. Don’t you think? ………………….You. You’re the one who shot me. Before, I mean. An impertinence I could forgive, under other circumstances. But today I am running low on mercy

~Yuhdak to Owain Volker.[1c]


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