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Yska is a Jade Kingdom bordering the Tendril Sea near Thyria in the Everspring Swathe.


Yska is a land of prairies and steppes dotted with lakes and ruins of fallen civilizations. Its soils are famously fertile, and many expeditions from the Living City have attempted to establish settlements in the area to take advantage of this, though until now none has succeeded.[1a]


The Deepspring Chanters are an order of sages who live in monasteries o along the southern shore of Yska. Many Thyrians make the risky journey across the grasslands to seek the wisdom of the Chanters.[1a]

In addition to providing their wisdom to those who manage to seek them out, the Chanters are known to treat with the mysterious naiads who inhabit the waters around the archipelagos off the Yskian coast and in the depths of the Tendril Sea.[1a]

The Moonclan Grots of the Jaws of Mork make their home in the Yskian Veldt, where the fertile soil allows for the rapid growth of their squigs. The Squigalanche is a danger across the continent and beyond, and many travellers in Yska have met their end at their jaws.[1a]


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