Ylthari's Guardians

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{{{3}}} Ylthari's Guardians
Ylthari's Guardians 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Order
Faction Sylvaneth
Sub-Faction Oakenbrow
Leader Ylthari
Members Skhathael
Gallanghann of the Glade
Ahnslaine, Revenant Archer

The Ylthari's Guardians are a Sylvaneth warband of Tree-Revenants led by the Thornwych Ylthari.[1] They were once emissaries and diplomats, grown from ancient Soulpods in the Realm of Death. They were the first Sylvaneth to be awakened by the Necroquake that allowed for Alarielle's life magics to reach Shadespire. Now they are awakened with renowned vigour seeking to use the life magics to rid dead places of the servants of Nagash and rescue the lost soulpods of their slain kin.[2][3][1]



Main article: Ylthari

The Thornwych Ylthari is the leader of the name warband, who tirelessly seeks those soulpods that have been claimed by [[Nagash]. By channelling rampant life magic she rids the dead places of those who would serve the Great Necromancer. She is armed with a Briar Staff and Spiteful Thorns and is accompanied by a Spite that attacks with its snapping mandibles.[2] The barbed tendrils surrounding Ylthari can quickly reduce an enemy to bloody ribbons.[4a]


Main article: Skhathael

Skhathael is a Tree-Revenant armed with an Enchanted Greatblade. Like other members of his warband, he was once served as a diplomat or and emmissary, but has now become evergreen with bitter wrath and seek only vengeance and remembrance[4b] for their slain kind.[2]

Gallanghann of the Glade

Main article: Gallanghann

Gallanghann is a Tree-Revenant armed with an Protector Glaive. Like other members of his warband, he was once served as a diplomat or and emmissary, but has now become evergreen with bitter wrath and seek only vengeance for his slain kind.[2] When wielded correctly, his Protector Glaive can turn aside any blow with ease.[4c] His formidable size belies the switfness with which he is able to defend his kind.[4d]

Ahnslaine, Revenant Archer

Main article: Ahnslaine

Ahnslaine is a Revenant Archer armed with an Revenant Bow. Like other members of his warband, she was once served as a diplomat or and emmissary, but has now become evergreen with bitter wrath and seek only vengeance for her slain kind.[2] Even when firing into a swirling melee, Ahnslaine is able to pick off her enemies with unerring accuracy.[4e]



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