Yhorsk Casran

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This page contains spoilers for: Heart of Winter (novella)

Yhorsk Casran is a thief and was briefly the Thiefmaster of the thieves guild, known as the Brotherhood of Larcenists in the city of Izalend in the Realm of Ghur.[1]


For ten years his Master, Malvo L'Polche Guinmark trained and groomed him as his second in command as unbeknownst to Yhorsk he was looking to retire to his mansion with a few handsome lads to wait upon him whilst he did some acting hand at the local theatre. Ironically a day before that happened, Yhorsk enacted a coup and sold Malvo into slavery. [1a]

Yhorsk inherited a powerful organisation but quickly found that it was both hard and dangerous work to control and maintain power. Gangs took advantage of his weakness and started turf wars, whilst the Freeguild demanded more and higher bribes and the Sylvaneth of the Druichan Forest were taking a high toll of his amberglass smugglers. [1a]

Whilst indulging himself, somewhat morosely in a massage house, he and his bodyguard were overwhelmed by Arika Zenthe and her corsairs. Malvo then furiously explained that he had been looking to hand over the Brotherhood anyway. He quickly handed over the organisation to his former master who had him locked up to be dealt with later. [1a]


If it’s not the alley gangs slaughtering each other for merriment, its’s the damned politicians and merchants gouging me for coin. I am the master of the thieves’ guild for Sigmar’s sake. I should out there robbing these old serpents’ blind, not paying them chests full of coin.

~ Yhorsk to Broukan .[1a]