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Yaros of Dmezny, the Hero of Orthad, Grand Prince and Lord Rattlebone – a Deathrattle King. [1a]


He is a princely figure often to be found astride his skeletal steed, wearing a battered crown of iron and a cloak of dusty fur, his single-bladed axe balanced across his saddle, leading his Deathrattle Legions into battle.[1a]


He is the son of kings, leading his armies to glory at Akakis and ruining the citadels of the Wolf-Duke.[1a]

Following the Necroquake, he and Crelis Arul were commanded by Nagash to aid Vorgen Malendrek in taking the city of Glymmsforge and the underworld of Lyria. [1a]


Of course they fear us, my friend. How could they not? We are lords of death. You stand in august company, you know. Our names are legend, in the halls of twilight. Not Malendrek’s perhaps, but mine certainly. And I am not alone. In the lands of ice and snow, the Rictus Queen rules a country of the dead. I pledged my troth to her, though she refused me. And Count Vathek, whose soul Nagash keeps locked away in an iron box. I rode beside him at the Battle of Lament. Him and a hundred others. Heroes, my friend. Heroes, all.

~ Grand Prince Yaros to Pharus Thaum .[1b]


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