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Yare is a renowned philosopher of the Realm of Ghyran [1]


A tall old man with a halo of white hair encircling a bald head, his eye sockets are a mass of scar tissue above the remnants of a once proud nose. He is accompanied by his young gryph-hound, Dullas. [1]


He was enslaved by the followers of Nurgle and held captive in a Sargasso Citadel in the Verdant Bay and was released by the Hallowed Knights under Gardus Steel Soul. He became friends with the Lord-Celestant and was gifted with a gryph hound chick – Dullas. [1]

He returned to his home city of Demesnus where he began teaching again. [1]


  • Reflections of Elemental Truths. [2a]

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