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Wytha is an Sylvaneth branchwych of Clan Thyrghael of the Dreadwood Glade. [1]


She is tall and willowy with long limbswhich end in thorny talons whilst glowing blue sigils and whorls criss cross her dark body, culminating in a mass upon her chest.[1a]

A crest of hair like branches rises above her mask like face whose eyes are burning cobolt. Huge grubs are often found sqirming across her body and her voice is creaking. [1a]


Greater powers within the Deadwood Glade tasked her with forging the human child who would become Neave Blacktalon into a huntress and a weapon. She unleashed her against Lord Ungholghott but she failed. [1a]

In the many years that followed she led the Clan in avoiding the Chaos champion as much as possible. She aquired a potent destructive artefact from the Age of Myth and attempted to summon Neave who had been taken at the moment of her death and reforged as a Stormcast Eternal.[1a]

She formed a powerful army to first save Neave and her companions and then to assault the stronghold of Ungholghott.[1a]

They fought their way to the centre of the enemy fortress but would have been overwhelmed if it was not for the intervention of Shadowhammers of the Hammers of Sigmar allowing her to unleash the weapon killing all non-Sylvaneth.[1b]


A debt is owed child. Just because Sigmar stole you from us, I knew his Reforging magics could not cloud your mind forever. I have waited long to hear your soul-notes within the your heat, Neave Blacktalon. Our kindness still goes unpaid for. The debt is due, girl, and you have answered my summons. It is time to do your duty to Alarielle, that you failed to do before. You must kill Lord Ungholghott.

~Wytha to Neave Blacktalon Roggen.[1a]


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