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Wyr-Maggots are large, tenacious beasts cultivated by the Maggotkin of Nurgle.[1a]


A Wyrr-Maggot is a large, maggot-like creature with pink-white flesh. Such creatures burrow through the ground. The creature has mouths on both ends and as one end burrows through the ground they devour rock and soil, with the opposite end spewing out half-digested rock in their wake. They have appendages that sprout randomly all across their bodies, each ending in a hook-like shape.[1a]


Even infantile Wyrr-Maggots are large enough to devour a Stormcast Eternal whole. These colossal beasts are cultivated by the Maggotkin of Nurgle, sometimes used in their uprisings within the cities of Order.[1a] They will often be chained, corralled, and directed by Rotbringers, who is them to burrow tunnels.[1a][1b]


Some Maggotkin, especially the Filthbringers, are known for using their chitin to forge armour.[2a]