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The Wyrd-Engine is a walking continent, an incredibly ancient and massive construction with a dozen broken nations on its vast back. It lumbers across the Iron-Scree Wastes in the Realm of Chamon[1]


Fyreslayers led by Rygorn-Grimnir established a lodge deep within its belly, looking to find wealth and Ur-gold. Although both were found, large numbers of slayer perished in obtaining it and defending the forge-temple from the dangers of the machine and other invaders such as the Skaven. [1]

The Grey Seer Reeknik repeatedly attacked the fyreslayers, tasking the Clans Skryre to build many mighty machines (such as the Massive incerator that led to the Warpfire Flood Disaster} to destroy the duardin. Although powerful, they are proved as dangerous to the Skaven as to their enemies. In the climatic battle between the two races, a third force rose up from the depths of the machine, a vast horde of Mordants led by the Abhorrant Ghoul King, Splinterblood fell upon both armies. Only the ghouls survived the ensuing three way conflict. [1]

The machine continued to walk. [1]