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Wyldwoods are groves of trees connected to the realmroots used by the Sylvaneth. The Sylvaneth are capable of awakening the spirits within these groves to attack their enemies.[1a] When campaigning away from their homes, Sylvaneth will use their skill with life magic to grow new wyldwoods as they travel, bringing their favoured environment with them and expanding their realmroot network.[2a]


Wyldwoods are dense thickets, and it is hard for anyone save Sylvaneth to see through the tangle of branches.[3] When the Sylvaneth are nearby, the spirits within wyldwoods are roused to attack.[1a][3]


The Sylvaneth are skilled at using wyldwoods in their preferred hit-and-run style of warfare. Their natural understanding of both the natural defences of the forest and how to walk the spirit-paths between wyldwood groves makes them almost impossible to catch.[4]



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