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Wurmspat are a Underworlds warband comprised of Fecula Flyblown, a sorcerer dedicated to Nurgle, and her two favored bodyguards. After seeing a vision of endless sterility and stagnation, a dreadful sight to any Nurglite, Fecula sought out the aid of her god to bring an end to this future.[1]


Fecula Flyblown sees a vision of the future, one consisting of endless stagnation and sterility, within the vapours coming from her poxsome cauldron and in her panic to prevent such a future invokes her god to aid her in preventing this disaster. She, her cauldron, and her favored bodyguards are soon after swallowed up by a wyrmaggot that was attracted by the smell of her boiling brew. The creature then traversed all the way to the Beastgrave, where it vomitted forth the warband. No longer able to stomach Fecula's brew. Now the Wurmspat seek to find their way to the mountain's heart and corrupt it with filth, to prevent the horrific vision Fecula foresaw.[1]



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