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{{{3}}} Wurmspat
Wurmspat 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Chaos
Faction Maggotkin of Nurgle
Nurgle Rotbringers
Sub-Faction Blessed Sons
Leader Fecula Flyblown
Members Ghulgoch the Butcher
Sepsimus, Plaguesworn

Wurmspat are a Nurgle Rotbringer warband comprised of Fecula Flyblown, a sorcerer dedicated to Nurgle, and her two favored bodyguards. After seeing a vision of endless sterility and stagnation, a dreadful sight to any Nurglite, Fecula sought out the aid of her god to bring an end to this future.[1]


The Sorcerer Fecula Flyblown was far from Beastgrave, hunched over a stained cauldron, when she read a sign in the cloying vapour rising from it. She saw a shard-curse of endless sterility in which nothing stayed dead long enough to rot, and the effects of entropy were perpetually undone. Horrified, Fecula added foul ingredients to her pestilent brew, hoping to attract Nurgle’s aid to halt the spread of this un-plague. Drawn by the rancid odour, a monstrous wyrmaggot burst from the ground and swallowed the Sorcerer and her two favoured bodyguards whole. This creature burrowed onwards until it could stomach Fecula’s noisome stew no more; it burst into Beastgrave, where it disgorged the group in a tide of steaming vomit. Together, The Wurmspat are resolved to cure the curse at the mountain’s heart by spreading the filth so beloved of their deity.[1]

During their initial venture into the Beastgrave, the group clashed with the Sylvaneth of Skaeth's Wild Hunt, who relentlessly pursued them during their journey to uncover the source of the Katophrane Curse. Eventually, Fecula uncovered a cavern that has become crystallized with shadeglass and a path leading to the Mirrored City of accursed Shadespire. She had begun her ritual to dispel this corruption of undeath, but she and her warband were slain by Skaeth and his Wild Hunt. However, due to the curse of undeath, Fecula and the rest of her warband eventually revived. Although Fecula acknowledged that it was unlikely they could dispell the curse, she resolved to try and try again until she succeeded.[2]


Fecula Flyblown

Main article: Fecula Flyblown

Fecula Flyborn is a Rotbringer Sorcerer who leads the namesake warband. She is armed with Rotwood Staff and is accompanied by her loyal Retchling', a plagueridden familiar who acts as a powerful locus of plague sorcery. She is capable of summoning a torrent of bile and brackish filth to spray upon an enemy, and is even cable of tainting Endless Spells.[3]

Ghulgoch the Butcher

Main article: Ghulgoch the Butcher

Ghulgoch is a Putrid Blightking who has sworn himself to Fecula Flyborn. Ghulgoch is even more bloated with disease than Fecula herself, his belly so swollen that his body went without armour, only his legs and arms banded about with steel plate. The huge warrior’s head was encased by a horned helm, its mask featureless except the triangle of holes that had been drilled in it for his eyes. His meaty fists gripped a pair of Butcher's Blades, these cleavers so drenched in foulness that they exuded an aura of infection.[2]

Sepsimus, Plaguesworn

Main article: Sepsimus, Plaguesworn

Sepsimus is a Putrid Blightking who has sworn himself to Fecula Flyborn. He is the more intelligent and calculating of her Rotguard. He is armed with a Blighted Spear.[2]



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