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Writmark is a celebration held in the Free City of Brightspear every year on the twelfth day of Hope's Renewal, the third month of the Azyrheim Calendar.[1a][2a]

The holiday is unique to Brightspear, as it is a festival that celebrates Sigmar granting a Celestine Writ to the Golden Patriarch, the Lord-Commander of the Celestial Warbringers. This event established the city as part of Sigmar's Empire, so long as the Celestial Warbringers never allow it to fall to ruin.[2a]

The Celestial Warbringers celebrate the event by mingling with the Spearians, offering their services in building projects, settling minor disputes, and attending public gatherings. Mingling with those outside their Stormhost does not come easy to the Warbringers, but the event goes a long way to dispelling tensions between Stormcast and Mortals that exist, and have damned, other Cities of Sigmar.[2a]