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Wrathmongers are lunatic murdersmiths who are absolute in their fervent devotion to Khorne. Infused with unnatural daemonic energies they are the elite of the Chaos tribes and are unstoppable in battle, hurling themselves at their foe with unnatural vigour as their wrath-flails describe brutal, bloody parabolas. Musclebound and monstrous they roar bestial war cries as they charge their enemies whirling their wrath-flails in lethal arcs until the air howls with their passing. Wrath-flails crunch into flesh and bone, crumpling armour like dry parchment and sending great sheets of blood spraying into the air. Rational foes might be expected to flee before such an onslaught. Yet an aura of dark madness surrounds the Wrathmongers, Khorne’s bloody gift imbuing even the most disciplined troops with manic battle-lust.[3]


To become a Wrathmonger a Bloodbound warrior must undergo something called the rite of the Brass Cage. Only a few know the specifics of this dark ritual, but according to Slaughterpriests, should a warrior truly desire to undergo this monstrous transformation, Khorne will guide them to their fate. Many who take on this dark quest never return, but the few that do succeed are totally transformed.

Abilities and Equipment

Wrathmongers are swollen and malformed with daemonic power. Their blood flows furnace-hot and such is the potency of this hellish ichor that it oozes from the Wrathmongers’ pores to surround them in a crimson haze. Those engulfed by these vapours feel their thoughts clouded by violent rage, an effect that is magnified tenfold should a warrior be splashed with the scorching fluid itself. Victims are taken over by a homicidal bloodlust causing them to fall upon their own allies with screams of murderous rage. Even in their moment of victory, whole armies have torn themselves apart under the influence of the Wrathmongers’ dark curse.[3]

Wrathmongers are armed with Wrath-flails, large chained hammers they whip around them with unnatural strength that can crush skulls and shatter bones to dust.[2][4]



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