Wraith Fleet

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The Wraith Fleet is the sinister armada of the vampiric corsair Varkos Varactyr.[2a] The armada has many Nighthaunt, Soulblight, Deathrattle and Deathmages within it. For thousands of years the spectral galleons of this fleet have raided the coasts all across Aqshy, where they intend to carve out a kingdom in the name of the Undying King.[1][2a]


Age of Sigmar

The Wraith Fleet was one of the many forces that fought for control of the contested regions of the Flamescar Plateau during the Blazing Crusade.[3a]

The Necroquake has emboldened Varkos and ever since that dread wave of death magic washed over the Mortal Realms, the Wraith Fleet has made massive and brutal raids across the Great Parch. Many of these raids even targeting settlements far from any coast or ocean.[2a]

Notable Members

  • Varkos Varactyr: The Blood Captain of the Wraith Fleet serves as the overall commander and ruler of this vast armada of Death.[3a]