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Worm-Folk are the human natives of the Worm-Cities built upon the backs of the Great Worms of the Amber Steppes in the Ghur.[1b]

In the Age of Myth they built a metropolis upon the Great Worm Shu'gohl.[1b]


Age of Myth

The myths and legends of the Worm-Folk claim that their ancestors first fled to the backs of the Great Worms, long before the Age of Chaos, to escape the greenskin hordes of Gorkamorka. It was here that they built their grand metropolises.[1b]

Age of Chaos

Throughout the Age of Chaos the Worm-Folk and their cities went unconquered by the cruel hordes that served the Dark Gods, but in the final decades before the opening of the Gates of Azyr the forces of Chaos finally fell upon them and a few of the Great Worms were conquered, along with their cities. Such as Guh'hath and Rhu'goss.[1b]

Age of Sigmar

Sometime after the opening of the Gates of Azyr the city of Shu'gohl was nearly conquered by the Skaven, but a force of Stormcast Eternals arrived to rescue the city and it's people. As war waged across the Shu'gohl, other forces of Stormcast assaulted the conquered cities upon Guh'hath and Rhu'goss, all three worms were purified of the taint of Chaos. Now all three Great Worms continue to journey through the grasslands of the Amber Steppes, only dimly aware of the conflicts and civilizations upon and within them.[1b]

Free once more the Worm-Folk of Shu'gohl have turned to rebuilding their civilization and have made many concessions to the people of Azyr, grateful for the aid provided to them by the forces of the Realm of Heavens, such as allow elements of the Order of Azyr and Freeguilds into their city . But that gratitude only extends so far and some among the Worm-Folk believe the Azyrites ask for too much.[1b]


The Worm-Folk are known for being pale-skinned.[1b]


The Worm-Folk are devoted followers of Sahg'mar, an aspect of Sigmar.[1b]

The traditional defenders of the city of Shu'gohl are the Setaen Guard and the Vurmite Order. The former dressed in helms that resemble writhing tendrils and dark robes act as the city guard and now work closely with the grey uniformed Freeguild that was brought to the city from Azyr. The later is a holy order dedicated to Sahg'mar.[1b]

During what is known as the 'bleeding season' the people of Shu'gohl, including the Vurmite Order, descend into the Great Worm's stomach which they refer to as Olghu'gogl, the Squirming Sea. Within it they hunt the Skaven of Clans Pestilens that infest the city and drive back their infections for another year.[1b]


  • Nyoka Su'al'gohl: A war-priestess of Sahg’mahr and member of the Vurmite Order, The Order of the Worm.[1b]