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The World-That-Was was destroyed long ago, forming the Mortal Realms. Its carcass is named Mallus.[1]


The Mortal Realms themselves were born from the destruction of another, older world destroyed by the forces of Chaos. [1a]

By the time of the Age of Sigmar, legends are rare that speak of that world and few of those that survived its destruction remember it clearly save for the Gods and the Slann. [1b]


  • Lustria a land from where Lord Xen'phantica came from.[2b]


The Realms contain not a few whose spirit, soul or essence was saved, was recreated or reborn in the new world - foremost amongst them is the God-King Sigmar.[1b] Many of the inhabitants of the Mortal Realms are the descendants of these survivors, managing to escape that world's apocalyptic event, known as the End Times.[6]

Some of the known means to reach the realms are:

  • Sigmar hung upon the remains of the Broken World, Mallus, as it flung across the cosmos.[6]
  • Memories and spirits that attached itself upon Mallus, began to take the magic of the Broken World and gained physical form.[4b]
  • Rescued by gods or through arcane means.[6]
  • Survivors of the End Times who either fought their way out of the Realm of Chaos or hid in mirror dimensions and otherworldly havens.[4b]
  • The Slann travelled through the stars and were guided into the Mortal Realms by Dracothion.[5]




  • Nulahmia: A carefully crafted echo of the city in the lost world so beloved of the Mortarch Neferata, inhabited by the living and the dead - including ghosts from the original city. [2a]

New Entities

  • Father of Blades: Created from the spirits of twelve rune swords from the ancient past which may well be the may be the spirits of the Runefangs - twelve ancient magic swords forged by the legendary Dwarf Runesmith Alaric the Mad in the World-that-Was: Runefang. [3a]

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