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Pict World-Worm.png
Titles World-Worm[3a]
Type Godbeast
Status Alive
Relatives Wormlings (Progeny)[5a]

Fangathrak the World-Worm[3a] is a segmented, worm-like godbeast that crawls across the Realm of Ghur.[1a][2] It is unique among the godbeasts as it has a Realmgate within it's gullet. Specifically the Arcway of Ghur known as the Mawgate, an immense Realmgate leading to the Eightpoints.[2]


Age of Chaos

The crab-like monsters known as Crawlerforts were used to chain and bind Fangathrak the World-Worm. Each of these crab-like monstrosities had a Chaos Dreadhold upon their backs, with a godly chain attaching them to the world-worm.[3a]

Fangathrak would fiercely resist it's captors and attempt to break away from it's chains throughout the Age of Chaos, but it never broke free. Time and time again the Crawlerforts would yank back it's fanged mouth the allowing armies of Chaos to march from the Allpoints into the Realm of Ghur, passing from the Realmgate, known as the Mawgate, hidden in it's gullet.[3a]

Even while lashed to the Crawlerforts it continued it's travels across the Realm of Ghur, but severely hampered by the six monstrosities it dragged behind it.[3a]

Age of Sigmar

It was one of many godbeasts that Archaon sought to corrupt and the Mawgate within it was sought by the Stormcast Eternals on the behalf of Sigmar. But their efforts were dashed during the Realmgate Wars, in the Scarlands of Ghur, when it was freed by legendary Megaboss Gordrakk and a coalition of Orruks that included the Bloodtoofs, Ironsunz, Doggrok's Choppas, and Fists of Drakka. Fangathrak and the Mawgate within it have remained outside of Chaos and Order's control ever since.[1a][3a]

It leaves a trail of destruction in it's wake, known appropriately as the Wake of Fangathrak.[2]

During the Era of the Beast Gordrakk would return for the Godbeast after the failure of the Siege of Excelsis. Using Bigteef to pound the ground in a rhythm Gordrakk lures it to the Crawling Pits of Gharrentia where it is trapped within the granite fangs as the fissure attempts to devour the Godbeast. Fangathrak is bound by the webs of Arachnarok Spiders who also poison it with their venom until the Godbeast enters a stupor. The tales of the Godbeast capture spread across the forces of Destruction as the Fist of Gork leads his hordes to a showdown with Archaon.[4a]


The World-Worm is a massive, segmented worm with a fang-ringed mounth.[2][3a]



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