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Woodhorns are one of the species of cattle native to the Realm of Ghyran.[1a]


Woodhorns have antlers made of oak and a coat of leaves in lieu of fur. Their flesh however is not unlike that of other species of cattle found throughout the Mortal Realms.[1c]


Herds of wild woodhorns are known to roam and graze in the jungles of Verdia, a Jade Kingdom of Ghyran.[1b]


Woodhorns, like other species of cattle, are known to graze eating whatever plant life and fungi they come across.[1b][1c] Domesticated woodhorns are often fed grains.[1c]

Usage by Mortals

Domesticated Woodhorns, like many species of cattle, are domesticated as livestock for the ample meat hidden beneath their leafy coats. The Free Peoples of Sigmar's Empire are particularly known for keeping them and ample shipments of Woodhorn meat, usually dried and salted, and the occasional herd are shipped to Greywater Fastness via caravans.[1c]