Withertree Bog

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Withertree Bog was a corrupted bog that stretched for many miles atop the Gargant's Plateau in Ghyran.[1a]


The skaven of the Clans Pestilens planted the warpstone monolith called the Shard of Pestilence in the centre of the bog, twisting the local environment.[1a]


The corruption caused the bog's mud to become dimly sentient and riddled the trees with plague, causing them to claw and spit at intruders to the bog.[1a]


The sylvaneth of the Arrak Woodkings, pained by the corruption, hired the Fyreslayers of Baeldrag Lodge to excise the Shard of Pestilence from the bog and destroy the Rotclaw skaven defenders. Runefather Grumgen-Grimnir led a force that felled the shard and then marched on the Woodkings when it appeared that the skaven did not have the ur-gold promised.[1a]