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Witch-Sight is the ability to perceive magical energy. Despite the name, witch-sight does not necessarily entail seeing magic; some individuals with witch-sight can smell the presence of magic or hear music corresponding to the intensity and nature of magical energy in an area, or literally feel magic on the wind.[1a]

Some individuals in the Mortal Realms are born with some measure of witch-sight. Those with witch-sight often find it easier to harness magical energy than those without it, and so the gift (or curse) is relatively common among wizards, though not every person with witch-sight can cast spells.[1b] It is possible for a person with witch-sight to refine or improve their ability to perceive magic, and such individuals can find employment with those interested in locating and tracking magic, such as the Spell Hunters of the Collegiate Arcane. However, in areas saturated with strong magic, those with witch-sight can find themselves debilitated by their overwhelmed senses.[1a]

The utility of being able to perceive magic is such that many devices have been invented to approximate witch-sight, such as the Arcanoscopes of the astromancers of Azyrheim[1d] or the Aetheric Lenses used by some Kharadron Endrineers[1e], but the secrets of their construction are closely guarded. In the absence of an associate with witch-sight or one of these arcane devices, individuals might rely on the reactions of cats, as all cats are believed to have a form of natural witch-sight.[1c]


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