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The symbol of the Winterleaf Glade

Winterleaf Glade Once favoured by the beauty of their lands, they have grown melancholy and introspective as those enclaves were lost and destroyed. The glades sylvaneth are usually pale and cold in colour with bitter green sigils and hatred in their eyes.[1a]


Their capital, Dappelloren, was hailed as the largest and fairest of all Sylvaneth greenholds. It was ruled over by the Bough-mother, and clans from other glades travelled far to see the fabled Hanging Gardens of Shimmervale, which were considered to be one of the wonders of the Realm of Life. A profusion of life magic poured from each of its many cataracts, in places the arcane power mixing with the mist rising from the falls, creating tangible rainbows upon which spites played.[2]


Once, the Winterleaf were as flush with vital life magic as any glade to have ever set root within the Mortal Realms. During the Age of Myth they were the Springleaf, and they were prolific, with enclaves spread across Ghyran.[2]

During the War of Life, the armies of Nurgle targeted the Springleaf's enclaves, for they were the most fecund. What was once fairest was turned foulest. One by one they were corrupted, with Dappelloren finally falling to the festerbark pox. The Bough-mother herself was captured, and rumours tell that she was taken to Nurgle's Garden in the Realm of Chaos – truly a fate worse than death.[2]

Well over three quarters of Springleaf's population was destroyed, along with every enclave save one. Those who managed to escape made their way to the frosted forests of Rimewald, where King Scrioshal attempted to rally what remained of his glade. This defence likewise fell, at the Battle of Frozen Grief, and the survivors fled into the wastes.[2]

Since then, the name Springleaf was used no more. Those who lived became fey and melancholy, establishing new enclaves only in blasted heaths, glacial ice fields and barren lands. Gone was their vibrant colour; these Sylvaneth instead exhibited pale colours and foliage of icy blue. The sigils within their bodies still blaze green, for only their hatred of Chaos remains verdant. They are now Winterleaf Glade.[2]

In the Age of Sigmar the Winterleaf clans no longer fight to reclaim their lands but for vengeance for what has been lost. Where once they had beauty now they inhabit cold desolation and glacial ice-fields.[1]

Known Clans


'Harsh and cold as a leafless bough, their heartwood is naught but ashes and sorrow.

~ Winterleaf Glade. [1a]

Color Scheme


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