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A Wild Hunt is a type of campaign undertaken by the wargroves of the Sylvaneth where they hunt down and eliminate a specific threat designated by Alarielle or one of her agents.[1b][1d]


The Wild Hunt is an echo of the hunts of Kurnoth, the dead hunter-god, consort to Alarielle, and soulfather to the Kurnoth Hunters.[2a] Kurnoth was known to call Grand Hunts.[2a]


Alarielle has called the Wild Hunt on multiple occasions since her rebirth into her war-aspect, but the most frequent hunt-callers are the Kurnoth Hunters, who have been granted the authority by the Everqueen to call the Wild Hunt as they see fit. All Sylvaneth are compelled to join the Hunt if called, and they will not rest until their target is destroyed.[1b][1d]


A Wild Hunt is called when a particular foe must be eliminated, whether this is because they are too dangerous as a warrior or general or that they have caused immense suffering for some other reason.[1b]

Known Hunts

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