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The White Witch of the Ulwhyr Forest, the taker of children is a Tomb Banshee [1]

Her ancient barrow is lined with skulls and bones of both human and animal and at its heart she sits upon a vast throne created by tangled roots. Before her were the skeletons of her victims, human, duardin and aelves – mostly children, posed in supplication. [1a]


She is clad in dark silk robes with a crown of thorns, her face gaunt and necrotised but still recognisably feminine, her eyes the blue of deep water. Her voice is akin to shattered glass and she is armed with a silver dagger.[1a]


It is said that she lost her own child and ever after claimed the first born child of the tribal elder to spare her wrath from the rest of the people. [1b]

In the Age of Sigmar, as the city of Excelsis grows, she was regarded as a mere legend, concocted by the natives. As the noble families of the nearby town of Marshpoint delved further and further into the forest, expanding their silksteel plantations they awakened her ire. Trying to satiate her, the hunter Ghedren led Aldrec Junica into the forest as he was being pursued by soldiers of the rival House Dezraed and there he was claimed by the White Witch. [1b]

The Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll arrived to investigate the disappearance, himself being lured to her tomb where he destroyed her. However, Ghedren warned that her defeat would only be temporary. [1b]


You think brave warriors have not fought the White Witch before? She is tied to this place, to the very spirit of the forest. No blade can lay her low. She has haunted these lands for centuries. Perhaps even longer. She will return, and her vengeance will be more terrible than ever. It is the children that will pay the price for your actions.

~Ghedren to Hanniver Toll .[1b]


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