White Dwarf August 2020

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White Dwarf August 2020
White Dwarf August 2020 cover 001.jpg
Editor(s) Lyle Lowery
Cover Artist Johan Grenier
Released August 2020
Pages 160
ISBN 0265-8712
Preceded by White Dwarf May 2020
Followed by White Dwarf September 2020


  • Contact - Readers thoughts and questions.
  • Readers Models
  • Worlds of Warhammer: The importance of victory and defeat by Nick Horth
  • Warhammer 40,000
    • Echoes from the Warp: Questions asked at Events by Robin Cruddace
    • Faith Undimmed: Short story by Callum Davies
    • Sons of the Warmaster: Army Showcase
    • War Zone Pariah Nexus
    • History of a Chapter: Organisation of the Chapter
    • The Realm of Tzeentch
    • Faith & Fire Part five of a serialisation of Faith and Fire.
  • Adeptus Titanicus
    • Betrayal at Ithraca: Battle Report
  • Middle-Earth
    • The Ruins of Osgiliath: Terrain Showcase

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