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Whalebone is a valuable material harvested from whales.[1a]


Whalebone is often used as a construction material. In the Free City of Excelsis, in the Realm of Ghur, many traders use the material to make the awnings that shade their businesses.[2a]

As Currency

Whalebone once served as the primary currency of Mournhold, before the city fell and became Ulfenkarn, whose primary industry was whaling. Skrimshanders sanctioned by the city's treasury would work the skeletal remains of whales into legal chits. Denominations included the penny chit, the digit shilling, and the brae.[3a] When the city fell under Radukar's sway the economy collapsed, whaling was made illegal, and oppressive vampiric regime saw most trade dry up. During this time many, but not all, came to value whalebone solely by its weight rather than as sanctioned coins. Common increments included ten-weight, twenty-weight, and fifty-weight.[1a][1b][1c]