Well of Eternity

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The Well of Eternity is a bottomless receptacle of knowledge located in the heart of the Impossible Fortress at the centre of the Crystal Labyrinth of Tzeentch.[1a]

In the Name of Knowledge

As even Tzeentch did not know the true extent of the knowledge contained within the Well of Eternity and was unwilling to submerge himself in the depths, he hurled the Lord of Change Kairos Fateweaver into it. The Lord of Change eventually made his way out, but transformed: he now had two heads - one that could only see the future and one that could only see the past. Now, he knows things even Tzeentch does not know. [1a]

For many ages Kairos has sat by the Well of Eternity, whispering to his master revelations about the future or hidden truths about the past. Sometimes, Tzeentch gives him a mission of mystical importance to accomplish and he departs for a time, but Tzeentch eventually wants the knowledge from the Well that he can not obtain himself and so summons him back to his side again.[1a]