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The Watcher King is a Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch, [1]


When the Lode-Griffon disrupted life in the Spiral Crux, a great conclave of aethermancers formed a nonagonic ritual star around the godbeast, casting a powerful transmutation spell to turn it to gold. While the Godbeast's magnetic disturbance ended, the spell went haywire and eight of the nine aethermancers was sealed in a tide of molten chamonite. The last was revealed to be the Watcher King, and the Lode-Griffon's death scream tore a hole in the Realm of Chamon's skies, summoning demons and heralding the Age of Chaos.[2]

During the Realmgate Wars, the Watcher King travelled to the Anachron plateau within the Spined Sphere, Golgeth in the Realm of Chamon. Here he hoped to obtain the true name of the Everchosen, Archaon from the imprisoned daemon lord of Tzeentch, Kaithanus at the moment of its release.[1]

The Stormcast of Sigmar sought to prevent this at Mount Kronos but found themselves not only confronted by a seemingly endless force of summoned daemons but the strange properties of the plateau itself, where time and gravity were inconsistent. Although the Watcher King achieves his aim in learning the name of Archaon, the Everchosen himself arrives and not only binds Kaithanus but also overcomes the gaunt summoner, threatening him with an eternity of pain in the Whisperfane as a punishment for his impudence.[1]


Can the Everchosen be bound to another’s will? Should he blessed with daemonhood, this name could bind him to my will.

~The Watcher King atop Mount Kronus to Kaithanus.[1]


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