Warsong Revenant

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Warsong Revenant surrounded by Dryads.

Warsong Revenants are Sylvaneth born during Alarielle's Rite of Life and created for the purpose of spreading her spirit-song.[1a]

Origins and Birth

The souls of the Warsong Revenants were in fact seeded within the Oak of Ages Past during the time of the World-that-Was, before the Mortal Realms. They only sprouted during the Rite of Life, when Alarielle performed a great Ghyranite ritual that fully revitalised the Oak of Ages Past from its previous state of corruption by the forces of Nurgle.[1a]

During the Rite of Life, the revitalised Oak dropped gold-tinged acorns which fell within the swirling waters of the River Vitalis, before splitting to reveal foetal forms. Uncurling beneath Alariell's gaze, they turned from green-limbed infants to slender youths to tall, broad-shouldered revenants. They opened their mouths, sticky with sap, pulled forth long splinters of oak from within their gullets, and as one, they shaped and elongated the wooden spars into long flutes. Sharing a glance at ech other, they put their mouths on the fife-like instruments and began to play a melody that harmonized with Alarielle's spirit-song. After the Rite of Life, they were ordered by Alarielle to travel the realms and spread her song.1a


Though they are few in number, the spirit-song the Warsong Revenants carry can cause the lands themselves to come alive. To the Sylvaneth their skirling music is a balm and to their foes it is a deadly bane. Those enemies near enough will be subjected to a sonic assault which can shatter their ear drums. All Warsong Revenants are wizards, and are capable of unleashing swarms of angry spites to attack those that have displeased them.[1a][1b]



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