Warscryer Citadel

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Warscryer Citadels are towering edifices built upon glittering meteorites hurled by Sigmar himself. Rich in Azyrite celestium, these jagged structures allow those that harness their realmstone to see the future and to seize victory accordingly. They are highly-sought by warlords for the commanding view of the battlefield and the superb position they provide.[1]


These impressively large citadels are built into a rock face. Each is divided into two building, a somewhat rickety main tower connected by a walkway into a secondary tower that can take the multiple forms of a simple bare platform, a set of crenellated battlements or a domed Arcanoscope, a optical device that can be used to observe the future. The entrances to the main tower is made out of carved steps and reinforced doors. The whole citadel is covered in skulls, with almost every surface having one, including several carved into the rock itself. Besides the skulls, it is also decorated with imposing, barred windows and decorated with sigmarite crosses.


During the Time of Tribulations Vandus Hammerhand brought the news of his visions to Sigmar. Journeying into the stars Sigmar took the brightest celestial bodies and in one great motion and hurled them with all his might across the cosmos. Each strike those lands already freed from Chaos with crash earth- shaking force. Sigmar then revealed this to the Lord-Ordinators who made their way to those meteor crash sites. By the time they arrived most had already been taken over by mages and seers and even boasted dwellings, battlements and domed arcanoscopes that could be adjusted with cog-toothed mechanisms as Excelsis has proven the value of prophecy. Lord-Ordinator quickly took control of them with those controlled by the free peoples willingly handing them over, often having foreseen the arrival of the Stormcasts while those controlled by the followers of other gods of Sigmar's pantheon were convinced by the sheer splendour and the bellicose authority of the Lord-Ordinator. Those that were controlled by enemies were attacked with such speed that before long the usurper were hurled down and the sites claimed by the Stormcast Eternals. However not all attempts ended smoothly and these strikes resulted in wider wars that saw the control of the citadels changing hands several times. [2]