Warp Lightning Cannon

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The Warp Lightning Cannon is a contraption built by the Warlock Engineers of the Arkhspark Voltik enginecovens. It is powered by an enormous hunk of warpstone, and generates an unearthly charge with massive destructive potential which is directed along a rune-etched barrel forged and enchanted to channel its fury. [1a]

When fired, the Cannon emits a ball of warp energy that shocks the fur of any nearby Skaven. The bolt arcs groundwards, punching through anything in its path and then erupting in a crackling storm of warp lightning. The shot travels too quickly to follow, but its trail is easily marked. Blackened corpses twitch in its wake, and anything large enough to fully interpose itself between the bolt and its target is left with a smouldering hole several feet wide punched through it. [1a]

Naturally, Warp Lightning Cannons make excellent siege weapons, for there are few gates or walls that can absorb the punishment these weapons can mete out – at least, as long as the crew-rats do not overload their weapon and blow themselves to smithereens - an occurrence that happens to the trigger-happy ratmen all too often. [1a]


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